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User scripts and styles

User scripts styles can modify a site you are viewing to look differently, or even add new features! It's easiest to use them in Firefox with the Greasemonkey and Stylish add ons, but other browsers have some capabilities to use them too. User styles can change the look of a site by adding CSS. User scripts can do anything that you can do in Javascript--this can mean broad and sweeping changes to a site's functionality! User scripts can do anything user styles can do, and more, because Javascript can insert CSS. However, it is more efficient to use user styles if all you are doing is modifying some CSS.

Dreamwidth already has some user scripts and styles available on the two main sites about them, userscripts.org and userstyles.org. For instance, the Dreamwidth specific user scripts include a script that remembers what comments you've already read and one that automatically updates the time of a post to the current time. There are also Dreamwidth specific user styles. One fun use of user style CSS is to make a Dreamwidth site scheme skin, and [personal profile] ninetydegrees has made one called Dive In/Pink. It schemes the Tropospherical site scheme with new colors and images! User styles are a great way to get the site to look more to your personal taste.

As fun and useful as user scripts and styles are, please remember that they're not officially supported! Dreamwidth can change pages or code and your customizations might stop working. Be sure to disable user scripts and styles before making a Support request, to check and see if the problem might be originating with them and not the site itself.