August 19th, 2017
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As Rich Thomas revealed at GenCon, I stepped back as developer of Werewolf: The Forsaken and Werewolf: The Apocalypse developer at Onyx Path a year and a half ago.

I didn’t say anything at the time as I was finishing the books I’d started — W20: Changing Ways and the Pentex Employee Handbook — but I have not started work on any new projects.

It was my decision as the amount of work at my day-job has stepped up considerably, and I am no longer able to give the lines the attention and time that they deserve. I’m not leaving the industry, but I’m back to doing writing and game design under the guidance and development of others. I’m also going to keep working on my own games, as I can take them at my own pace. I have nothing but respect for Rich and Rose and look forwards to the chance to write on Onyx Path books in the future.

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The day after we got back from Helsinki, I was mucking out Bugsy's stable when I heard a lot of chirping and noticed that there were swallows flying around.

Having raised their first clutch, they've built a second nest. This one is in the rafters above the tack room (and, thankfully, above an open area of floor rather than anything that will take harm from having bird poo all over it!), which they're accessing by flying into Bugsy's stable and through the roof space.

I'm glad they're doing so much better this year!
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From Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler, 2017-05-03:

Petey:  Galactic civilizations didn't all end the same way, but the endings all seem to start with people like you having meetings like this.
Admiral Chu:  At least now I have a scientific reason to hate meetings.

ibid., 2017-03-16:

Captain Kaff Tagon:  [...] Two wrongs don't make a right, but two unluckies do make a lucky.
Ennesby:  You meat-sophonts rarely notice, but words actually feel pain when they're abused.
Captain Kaff Tagon:  Cool. Long meetings just got way more fun for me.
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I have a terrible habit of not sleeping before I travel. I don't know why. Turning off the computer and going to lay down for a few hours.

Taking a shower at almost 3 am was probably a not terribly bright idea, but I was hoping it'd relax me enough to nap. No dice.
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Hell Week: Seven Days to Be Your Best Self by a Norwegian veteran paratrooper Erik Bertrand Larssen is a self-help book that aims to adopt the most distinctive feature of the elite military training into civilian life. The author claims that undergoing this rigorous challenge jump-starts the process of self-improvement, as it makes you believe in yourself: "You can take a lot more than you think".

I've already read 2 books based on the Navy Seal training, and I loved them as well; but they failed to produce lasting changes in my life, probably because they aim too high and wide. This one, however, is restricted to just one week (not counting the preparations and followups), and the author provides a very precise day-by-day plan for the civilian Hell Week. So this challenge sounds doable, even though I have my doubts about the sleep schedule.

Some highlights: sleep from 10pm to 5am; daily exercise for at least 1 hour, and make it harder than usual; healthy diet, no junk food, no alcohol; look your best (dress for success, behave with self-confidence); cheerful & positive attitude; get hyperfocused; no social media during work hours, no TV. In addition, every day has a specific theme to reflect upon; and there's one all-nighter before the last working day of the week (so no sleep for 2 consecutive workdays).

(I especially appreciate it that the social media is banned only during work hours, so it sounds reasonable. I'll keep up with my Pokémon Go groups though, because for me it's a good habit I want to develop further.)

That's how it's supposed to end: "When you serve in the military, you are automatically more effective, because somebody else is planning out your time for you. You only have to concern yourself with performing your best, not with what to use your day on or when to complete an activity. All that is decided, and all that is left to do is work. You felt something similar to this during Hell Week. I told you what to think about each day, what to learn, and gave you specific tasks to complete. I told you when to sleep, when to get up, and how much you needed to exercise. This made it easier for you to focus on performing and pushing yourself. My goal with this book is that you will notice how effective time management was when you had somebody else planning out much of your day. If you realize how much more effective you are when your day was planned out, when your focus was decided, and when you were regularly studying how to improve, you will realize you have to have this element in your life."

I'm very hyped about it, and planning to start soon after I return from my upcoming vacation. (Which may be a good practice for the Hell Week ;) a week of sightseeing in a foreign country is a physically and emotionally demanding exercise ;)

5/5 for the book; let's see how well I'll do with the challenge!
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It starts up like a demented astromech, but it has a "blow air and tumble occasionally" setting that will run up to 12 hours, so hopefully forgetting the laundry for a few hours will not cause me to have to fight mildew odor, yay?

Hat tip to Conuly:

Edit: Hat tip to the Bujold Dreamwidth (and probably livejournal) community: Georgette Heyer books on sale at Amazon, B&N, and iBooks for $2.99! At least, in the US.

Eating straw wrappers seems to correlate with my mood being slightly better? Maybe? Dunno?

Still hugely sleepy. Maybe I'm fighting off a bug. -_-

More good thoughts for friends, please. And for the state of medical research.

Havva Quote
f___ says, “This show is /so good/. And because life and socialization are as they are, I feel bad about saying that, because I do not want to create hype overload and thus make people disappointed in a good show becuase it wasn't as good as they'd been led to believe.”
f___ says, “But, damn, this show.”
--I think this is about Black Sails?

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August 18th, 2017
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MOI: //is tired out from all the drama, rereads some James Baldwin, takes a nap

MOI: //wakes up

T: A whole bunch of people are leaving the government!

MOI: wha

T: One whole department resigned en masse -- the President's Committee on the Arts & the Humanities

MOI: who the wha how

PCAH: "Ignoring your hateful rhetoric would have made us complicit in your words and actions. We took a patriotic oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
"Supremacy, discrimination and vitriol are not American values. Your values are not American values. We must be better than this. We are better than this. If this is not clear to you then we call on you to resign your office, too."

MOI: //squinting at T's phone screen Holy shit Icahn resigned?

T: //looking like a kid on Christmas morning YUP

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[If an email like this doesn't show up in my work inbox in the near future, my faith in humanity won't be shattered. I work for one of those "legal with the gov't, okay by us" internet companies.]

"I woke up this morning [...] and decided to kick them off the Internet." -Matthew Prince, CEO of CloudFlare

You've helped maintain their internet presence for months or even years, despite hating everything they stand for. We all acknowledge and accept this as part of working for any company without a morality clause in the terms of service. But being legal doesn't make it moral, and isn't it better when there's less objectionable content out there? Even the most permissive terms include room for interpretation. WordPress previously claimed to "not censor, period", but its not censorship if they're saying the wrong things. What customers does your company have that should be 'reconsidered'?

Each day at work we're making the choice to keep those voices out there, helping the enemy. Have you developed conscientious objections? Isn't it time to take a stand? Your employer's policies don't have to tie your hands. Delete the bad websites. Route the objectionable emails to the trash. Those people don't belong on your servers, only the right kind of people do.

You work hard every day to keep the internet running like a well-oiled machine. This as just a bit more trash to clean up.
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Today's DailyOM Offerings...

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1. (x-posted from tumblr) Tomorrow I'm getting on a plane to go visit smallest sister and coastie b-i-l until next Thursday. We'll be doing eclipse stuff and celebrating my mom's birthday. I'll have my tablet with me. DW is certainly getting checked. Email is a maybe. Tumblr is right out. I don't do mobile tumbling. Stuffed the queue. Drop a comment on DW if you need me.

2. Someone is going through and reporting pins of celtic (gaul etc) coins and maps and similar on pinterest. Like??? Multiple sources so I'm pretty sure it's an individual. I don't get the point? Like how were pictures of pre-rome and roman-era coinage offending you? Why are you reporting maps of what tribes were where? What is the point?

3. I burned my hand not too terribly though I've got a slick spot on my right middle finger that hurts when I poke it. Icing my hand until I wanted to scream seems to have done some good.
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I love the farm. I just love how quiet and peaceful and gorgeous it is.

The adolescent guineas and pheasants in the shed get meal worms as a treat. Meal worms are the BEST, according to them. The internet says that pheasants are wild and won't tame down, but apparently these sites don't know about meal worms. Anyways, today I picked up the bucket where they are stored, and one of the guineas was so excited that she Flew At Me, hit my chest, bounced off and ran away.

Abbie had a couple of good sprints down to the barn and back.

Today I saw:
A hummingbird feeding off the cannas
A Monarch butterfly
A female cardinal
A woodpecker (I just heard this)
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Just got back from watching Logan Lucky. Very clever and fun, with no deaths, only a couple minor explosions and really good performances. (I could have used a bit more Sebastian Stan, but isn't that true of most things?)

It starts kind of slow, but then builds up with really deadpan humor. It helps that I'm a fan of Soderbergh's heist films in general, and it has that good payoff you get when watching a plan come together.

A good way to spend an afternoon.
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So, this... happened:

Went on a fridge-pickling rampage and did some tinkering to an initial recipe to rebalance it more to my liking:

  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tsp salt

Mix together and heat/stir until sugar dissolves. Pour over 2 cups cut-up cucumbers and bung in the fridge. Will allegedly keep for a month.

One notes that at current exchange rates 2 cups = +/- 1 cucumber. That big one on the left, for example, which I gave away to more responsible picklers than myself, would have been at least 3 cups.
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The Atlantic: Annie Dillard's Classic Essay: 'Total Eclipse' "Seeing a partial eclipse bears the same relation to seeing a total eclipse as kissing a man does to marrying him."

Reading that sentence is what convinced me to ignore this eclipse altogether. It's only going to be a 65% partial eclipse in Los Angeles, so why bother? To tell the truth, I'm more worried about our electricity going out. Apparently, we're supposed to shut off everything during the eclipse?

Longreads: Pregnant, Then Ruptured. After an emergency operation, Joanna Petrone considers the medical advances and legal protections that allow women to survive ectopic pregnancies.

More links under the cuts.
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Have a kitty picture.

3 kittens
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It has been a week. It's been a busy week, but a week none-the-less.

We have Nico this weekend because Jenna's gone to Florida to go get her dude and drive with him back so they can get Nico registered for school. School started a week and a half ago, but he couldn't be registered because the school district can't accept the notarized paper stating that Jenna lives in the house that doesn't have her name on it.

Weird, I know, the utility folks accepted it.

My meds have given me back my ability to eat. It's distressing because it's hard to feed yourself with a minimum of effort. I see a lot of oatmeal in my future. (It's easy to cook. It's easy to eat, especially if I put a glug of maple syrup in it.)

I did cookie balls so they can baked off at will and did up the five ingredient biscuits from Budget Bytes that require heavy cream instead of butter. They usually work pretty well. I like them. They're tasty and easy.

I have grapes, kiwi, a cantaloupe of some sort (it's got a fancy name), we'll have corn on the cob tonight and I need to figure out something for these beets.

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Dear writer or artist! Thank you for offering to create a fanwork for one of my requests. As long as you generally stick with things I like and avoid things I dislike, I will love your story or artwork even if it doesn't take on any of my prompts, which are only suggestions. I am [ profile] Isis on AO3.

Some general stuff about my tastes: )

Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types )

Alpennia Series - Heather Rose Jones )

Dragon Age - All Media Types )

Crossovers: Arya Stark (ASOIAF)/Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (The Witcher), Éowyn (LoTR)/Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (The Witcher), Irene (Invisible Library)/Tina Goldstein (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) )

Thank you so much, dear writer or artist! And if you have any questions, please do go through the mods - I promise to answer.
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I love my ereader; there has never been a better solution for the person who wants to take five books on a weekend trip, or a better tool for reading fanfic in public. I had three Kindles, two of which died* and one of which I left on the train, and now I have a Kobo ereader.

There are things I love about it---for one, I almost never buy ebooks, and when I do it's from Kobo, so it just makes sense to have a reader that works within the Kobo ecosystem. I love that it reads ePubs, so that I don't have to convert every damn thing to .mobi. I love that you can turn the backlight ALL THE WAY OFF, which Amazon for some ludicrous reason does not allow. And I generally like the way the software works.

On the downside, the Kobo reader is noticeably slower and more buggy. Anything touching the screen will turn the page, not just conductive things like fingers---if your bedsheet brushes the screen, all bets are off. Also, you can't put it in a plastic bag to read in the rain like you can with the Kindle; the plastic will turn pages. In addition, if a long ebook isn't properly broken up into separate HTML files, the book will eventually get so bogged down that it will freeze and you have to start over. Similarly, when you change the font size or other display settings, the time it takes to process depends on how large the HTML file you're currently reading is---it can be an extremely long time. The workaround is to download an ePub editor such as Sigil and format your ePubs to your own specs, which is fine for me and my obsessive brain but might not be worth it for others.

And oh man, the Kobo dictionary is shit. One thing I got really addicted to with my Kindles was looking up the etymology of words I already knew. Kobo's dictionary doesn't provide etymologies at all. I would probably pay up to $20 or $30 to purchase a better dictionary with etymologies included, but it's not an option.

I've been reading a lot of news about Charlottesville, because I was there and about fifteen feet away from the car crash and I'm probably somewhat traumatized (therapy appt this weekend yaaaay) and also I am in general kind of bad at self care. So, back on topic, I found this sentence in an article about how utterly shit the orange menace is at governing:

For one thing, Caligula did not, as far as we know, foment ethnic violence within the empire.

Foment is a word I know from past reading context---phrases like "fomenting revolt" or "foment dissent," seeming to imply encouraging the thing in question. I had a vague idea that it might be related to "ferment," which to me implies (among other things) taking some kind of organic matter and doing things (like adding sugar, or bottling) to encourage a community/ecosystem of bacteria to grow in it. It makes sense in parallel, too: it seems plausible to say that someone's "fermenting ethnic violence" by adding encouragement like sugar to the substrate.

Trusty Google has a good etymology dictionary!

foment: late Middle English: from French fomenter, from late Latin fomentare, from Latin fomentum ‘poultice, lotion,’ from fovere ‘to heat, cherish.’

Ah, to heat---that makes a lot of sense. And now that I think of it, doesn't the process of fermentation also generate heat in some cases?

ferment: late Middle English: from Old French ferment (noun), fermenter (verb), based on Latin fermentum ‘yeast,’ from fervere ‘to boil.’

Yup! And this is probably also related to fervor and fever. It turns out that "fermenting violence" is also a legit use of the word, too.

This has been etymology funtimes with your host, @wolby. Welcome to my brain.


* mostly by being dropped... I am a huge klutz, but in my defense, only one of those drops was my fault.
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There are only four days left in Sparkler Magazine's Year 5 Kickstarter, and at this point they're still only about halfway to the goal. Please do check it out if you haven't, if the thought of a wide variety of female gaze-centered comics and prose appeals to you. There's a ton of info on the Kickstarter page, including a link to a starter bundle you can download for free.

Fannish/Geeky Things

"Michael Sheen, David Tennant to Star in Neil Gaiman’s ‘Good Omens’ at Amazon". Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens, people, FFS. >.<

"Dream Daddy, a Queer Dating Sim, Might Be the Gaming Miracle of the Year". (I haven't played the game; please don't comment with spoilers.)

"Suits season 7 finale will be a backdoor pilot for Gina Torres spin-off".

"N.K. Jemisin’s ‘The Fifth Season’ Book To Be Developed As TV Series At TNT".

Social Justice

Great Twitter thread by [ profile] SmartAssJen, beginning with "To my 'good' white folks scared to speak out about race: no, you won't be 'perfect', you will stumble, but silence is complicity. Speak up."

"Fat-Positive Activists Explain What It's Really Like to Be Fat: Here's how you can be an ally".

"The Recent History of Fat Stigma".

At The Establishment:

--"How To Stop, Drop, And Roll In Mental Crisis".

--"Young Adult Fiction Writers Are (Finally) Ready To Talk About Sex". [January 2016]

--"Your Global Mansplaining Dictionary In 34 Languages".

--"What Happens When Your Biggest Fear Is Something Inevitable?" [Sarah Kurchak] "Sarah, I know your parents are wonderful people, but maybe you can help me understand this,” my therapist asked during a session that happened at some point after the death of my grandmother and the loss of my childhood home but before the death of my dog and the notification that my building’s owners have applied for a demolition permit. “Why did they feel the need to explain the impermanence of the universe to you at such a young age?”"


"As a female sex worker, I'd like to propose my own Google-style gender equality manifesto".

"IKEA Releases Instructions How To Make ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cape After Costumer Reveals Actors Wore IKEA Rugs".

"This Brazilian Tattoo Artist Is Horrible At Drawing, But People Still Pay Her To Get Inked".

"Philly company digitizes 25,000 old records and they're free to download".

"Being the Crazy Friend, 101". [Mishell Baker] ["Content warning: blunt descriptions of negative emotions and disturbed thoughts."]

"Story Time: 10 Times Our Favorite Authors Told the Best Stories on Twitter". [Book Riot] (Includes both Seanan McGuire's story about the guy with the lizard in his leg and Ryan North's live tweets when he got stuck in a hole, as is only right and proper.)

"Monkeys, Mermaids and the Evil Eye. Medieval Stone Sculpture at Kilkea Castle and Graveyard". [Pilgrimage In Medieval Ireland]

Via [ profile] dine, "Forget Tough Passwords: New Guidelines Make It Simple". [NPR] And via [ profile] hannah, xkcd's take.
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So last night I was at an Arisia Town Hall discussion on increasing diversity. On of the things Arisia is doing this year is creating a "PoC Lounge" where People of Color can go and hang out with other PoC, connect, and maybe vent. (This is, IMO, a good thing, if we can afford it.) At the end of the town hall, I turned to the friend I was sitting next to, an Orthodox Jew, and asked him, "So, are we white?" It seems to be a question Jews all over are asking themselves. "After all," I said, "our ancestors are, literally, from the Caucus Mountains."

He thought a minute, and then said, "It depends." He felt it would be wrong to use the PoC Lounge at a con because there are so many Jews in fandom that we don't need a 'safe space.' But he'd been other places where Jews were a minority, a rarity, an exception, and there, having some place like this, where he would have been supported, would have been a benefit. I agreed.

And this morning, it occurred to me, this is what the Jews in Germany in the mid-30's must have felt. They had fully integrated into society; they thought of themselves as Germans first. Many weren't fully Jewish, weren't practicing, maybe only had a Jewish grandparent. And this is the modern world, they told themselves; surely nobody would take this fascist rhetoric seriously, it doesn't stand up to facts.

After the election, a friend (who is not Jewish) said, "You must be scared." I just shrugged. Honestly, I've never been not scared. In some ways, the enemy you can see is better than the one you can't, even when you know they're there.


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