June 26th, 2017
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Amy took the kids for some summer shopping in the morning, and I did some more finances, read Ms Marvel up through Volume 4, and got a short but nie nap too. We then headed over to Chaos's for gaming after lunch, where we hung out with special out of town guest stars Jillian and Noda, and various other local persons. I accomplished my object of playing a game with people other than the kids, who I love dealy, and enjoy playing games with, but with whom I play games with *all the time* already. :^) First was Ticket To Ride: Pennsylvania, which is available for the Android app, but which I'd avoided because of the complicated-sounding shared-of-stock thing. It turned out not to be all that complicated, and kind of fun, and it's always cool to try a new and interesting board. Amy and I were close in second and third, Noda won by 20 or 30 points, and Chaos and Jillian were far behind after they got cut off from completing a couple of long tickets. Second up was Outpost, with Chaos, Noda, and Jerome, the last of whom had never played before, but he picked it up quickly and did well. It got late enough that I had to split with the kids before we finished, but Amy took over my spot, and won a couple of turns later. I'd missed out on the Nodules, but picked up the Robots on the first turn with the ten-sider, so I didn't get people-hosed, and was able to crank up Titaniam production while keeping enough in reserve to pick up big things at crucial times (the first (and maybe only) Outpost, and the first (and maybe second also) of the 11-13 cards). We played with rerolling bounces rather than "tough luck", and it was ok -- we still got stuck at one point with 2 x Warehouse and 2 x Ecoplants on the board, which is part of why I ended up in Titanium, but it definitely changes the strategy somewhat to know that late in the game, when there's only big things left at all, that *one* of them is going to come up, and you're not going to spend a couple of turns waiting around for something to bid on. I think I like it overall. Anyway, I took the kids home, bedtimes were slow but we eventually got there, and I managed to get to sleep not-on-time-but-not-too-late myself.
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"Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don't they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers." -- Ray Bradbury (b. 1920-08-22, d. 2012-06-05), Dandelion Wine

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Animated Movies/Shorts

Big Hero 6 (8/10) → I am forever bitter about Tadashi. I thought Disney wouldn't be able to manipulate my feelings but I was wrong.

Moana (9/10) → The only thing I didn't like was that long-ass Shiny song. Lowkey wish it'd been traditionally animated but *shrug* what can you do.


Samurai Jack S05 (9/10)Things I didn't like. Spoilers. )

That being said, I very much enjoyed S05 overall. I was worried about the ending—after making people wait so long for it, it felt like one of those things where nothing would be good enough. But the bittersweet final scene felt right, though I think the show would've benefited more from 2-3 more episodes because the final battle/s felt rushed.
June 25th, 2017
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(and it's 87F past 9 PM, and the low's supposed to be 67F at 5 AM))

I'm mellllllllting
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So hey - I am here with a post. I had a great vacation in New Hampshire/Massachusetts. I spent time with my family and met my half-sister and there was nothing bad or scary about that. She is very nice and we all got along. We spent a Friday-Monday weekend thing together on the Cape in Mass and it was very good. It was amazing how relaxed it all was. I was very happy that there was no weird awkwardness and that my Dad had a good time. This was the first time he was meeting his eldest daughter so that was pretty cool.

Had some great gastro experiences - ate fried clams, had a lobster roll. So that was very fun. We did some girlie things - I got my face done with a make up person. So now I know how to do make up. It is funny - I have spent most of my life not doing make up but now I am kind of getting into it. I got some stuff and it looks pretty good. It is not that hard to do. I do quick make up on work mornings - just mascara and lips and then more involved when I am going out on the weekends. So there is that.

The only other thing that is new is that I have gotten back into plants. I went through a phase for a while where I was killing my plants. I guess I was not paying attention to them. But now with the help of a friend - I am getting some nice plants and herbs and enjoying caring for them. I made some salmon with fresh dill that I grew myself. That was fun and delicious. Fresh dill is way better than the dry stuff. More flavorful.

Anyhoo - that is about all I have. Tomorrow, I am going to Santa Cruz for the day and to see David Sedaris speak at a local bookstore there. I am very excited about that. We get a copy of his new book and hopefully he will sign it.

So that is the state of me. Hope all is well with you. Comments are awesome.

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Having a lovely vacation and looking at top quality artworks is going to help me clear some junk out of my apartment I think when I get back. Yesterday the places I ended up eating at were only okay, but today they were fantastic. I also had some wonderful ice cream for dessert. Peach, Brandy and fresh ginger. crisp and perfect for the walk back to my hotel.
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I finished a fairytale story I've been working on, it came out at 18k. It needs to sit and get a good edit and also formatting.
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My cousin has an apartment on Christopher overlooking the parade route for the NYC Pride Parade, so I went over to a viewing party. (Which involved her having to come over and get me from the police barricade. They were stopping all comers, except residents. And the guys who bribed them with a pizza. This meant she spent the whole party walking a block to the barricade and getting people.)

Around three or so, the parade seemed to fizzle out. We were all like...that was short? Then someone reported that, according to Twitter, a BLM protest had blockaded the parade in front of Stonewall. (I have not been able to confirm this.) About 45 minutes later, the parade started again and I understood why.

Because the next block of people was the NYPD.

Let me tell you. The level of cognitive dissonance watching the NYPD march in the Pride parade I cannot even really handle. An older woman attending the party I was at said she felt physically ill and moved away from the windows until they had passed. On the one hand, I'm glad to see out and proud police officers marching with their spouses and children. On the other hand--this parade happens when and where it does because of the heinous acts of the NYPD. And it's not like that's all ancient history, either.

After them came the NY Corrections Officers. They had a prison bus that they'd decorated. I. I can't even. Really. That's just.

The government group I thought rocked it were the National Park Service for the Stonewall National Monument. Yes. That National Monument is only a year old, and yeah, the Park Service should march in the parade that commemorates the reason why Stonewall was made a monument.
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I am officially purple for the summer. My hair had been quite long, falling below my shoulder blades, and I was excited to get it cut short. The goal was a short, stacked bob that could tuck behind my ears but was by my ear lobes. I showed her this picture. So totally not what I got. I have been seeing her for years, and she knows my tastes well, and she is probably quite used to my "short but not really" and didn't get that I wanted actual short. I like it, I'd actually eyed some similar cuts and I think I can do fun stuff with it, but I'm still disappointed. I wanted drastic. If she'd taken it up another inch or two to make it like Carey Mulligan, I think I'd have been happier. But she was busy and she got started with me half an hour late and I'd already had to push my date back 45 minutes, so I had to leave.

And was still late. But she was super understanding and flexible! The mall was a great first date--we wandered and got lost and explored and sniffed many kinds of tea, and smelled the Lush store at the same time and dashed over, and chatted for awhile when we ran out of mall again. She was very nice, very reserved and introverted and we managed to have even more in common than I'd have thought possible. (Including a mutual love of snow and winter, ha.) Conversation was pretty easy, and I managed to be sparkly, but there wasn't really a spark of any kind. It was fun, and comfortable, but I didn't end up giddy and excited, you know? And I did a lot of the talking and the work. It's hard to picture a lot of time with someone where I'm the more extroverted one. Perhaps she gets sparkly later.

We did discuss a possible second date of going to a theater performance that she'd really loved that sounded super fun, so that's a possibility. And she had an extra ticket to Leslie Odom Jr in August that she offered me and I accepted and maybe I shouldn't have? LOL I don't know. She was like, ignore me if this is weird! But... And I don't have plans that day, but it's an 8:30 outdoor concert over an hour away. And it's in 6 weeks. I feel like I might need to claim a work day.

Oh, hilariously, she was at the Gardens the same day I took I.! I wonder if we saw each other? So funny, I wonder what the odds are. We both got hailed on.

Anxiety wise, I never got as panicked as I previously have. I was stressed over starting my appt late and being late, but I asked my stylist for a time frame and texted A with little trouble. I woke up with huge bags under my eyes, the likes I haven't seen since my last days at Disney World, which I couldn't get rid of even with cold compresses, but just rolled with it, figuring I was doing my best with makeup and a cute outfit. All heads and shoulders above previous reactions. I never even wished I was canceling, that's positive, too.

She texted today while I was at work, so I will respond, but I am a little at a loss of how to proceed. I guess it's worth a second date, but I am settling back into my, "Well, I put myself out there, time to recharge for a few months before trying again" mindset, ha.

But most importantly, I am on vacation and less than 24 hours from having a Krissy here and that is super delightful. I finished half my cleaning this morning, will finish the other half in the morning, and then FUN TIME YAY. <3
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Woke up before noon, omg. Kid... got 4 hours sleep.......
(On the plus side, taking the Benadryl AFTER brushing teeth did provide an earlier bedtime. We can, perhaps, work with this.)

excuse, there is a commotion in the gas fireplace. a flying squirrel or large mouse hopefully NOT setting itself on fire via the pilot light...

Okay, commotion seems to've faded. I need to clear out enough space to open that out and figure out where the creatures are coming in. *sigh*

Anyway. Food was gotten, but it was breakfast type food, and I got no ice tea or hot tea and now I have a splitting headache and am drinking cooked-at-home tea. After taking ibuprofen. Kid and spouse are off getting food.

Hat tip to Mal, re Wonder Woman:

This is an awesome Twitter thread about the design of the movie Wonder Woman's costume.

Now I'm going to try to edit through this headache.

(Oh, right, and when this headache fades, I have a CUNNING PLAN to consolidate some things and thus declutter something else. HM.)

Havva Quote
S••••• says, “And someone on this thread about flags goes and asks where do single people go to get the tax breaks married couples do. I answer, 'A judge, justice of the peace, or minister.'”
S••••• says, “Of course, they have to go in pairs.”
--From the MUSH. (Or, I suppose, in 4s, if they're Andorians.)

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 Alexander, Bestest Old Pussycat

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argh, I just realized, I'm away next week, I won't be able to watch the final until next Tuesday.

oh god this show, stop making me emotionally invested, *I have been let down too many times* to be emotionally invested in Doctor Who.

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When I was a kid, raised on movie musicals, I wanted to take tap dancing lessons. I saw Gene Kelly, Ann Miller, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, and I wanted to dance. My mother insisted that all dance grows out of ballet and I had to study ballet first. So for a couple of years I studied ballet. Finally, I got to study tap and I adored it. Of course, by then, some of my passion had waned, mostly because I had to do what my mom wanted me to do first; it was harder for me to want to practice, and my mom badgered me about it. (It was thus with music as well. I wanted to study violin. She didn't want to "have to listen to that scratching all the time" so I played flute instead, and wasn't as passionate about it.) Eventually lessons stopped because there was no money for them, and that was that.

In my thirties, I tried going back to ballet and I enjoyed it. Problem by then, of course, was that my body hadn't grown into ballet form, and so by the fifth or sixth lesson, I was having pain in my legs that meant I was actually damaging my hips. I went to the doctor about it, and was told that I had to stop or I'd do permanent damage. When I quit the class, the teacher was disappointed. She said, "But you're good. You're the only person in the class that actually knows what she's doing." C'est la vie.

Earlier this spring, I started taking tap lessons. I love it. I'm good and I know it. My teacher says so. I'm practicing (perhaps not as much as I should be, but I am). The things I learned as a kid are coming back almost instinctively. I went yesterday afternoon to try to find better fitting shoes than the ones that I have (mine are too long and the ball of my foot isn't hitting the toe tap the way it should). It felt good to go looking for tools for my art that were actually appropriate. Thank goodness that beginner tap shoes aren't as expensive as street shoes! Anyway, because my feet are short and wide, the shop is putting in a special order to try to get some pairs that are suited to my strange-for-dancers feet.

I have a tiny little dream. My tiny little dream is to get good enough to perform locally. I don't know if that will ever be possible, but I want to try. I love being in front of an audience. I know I have presence. I love the bling and shine of being on stage. And I think I can entertain; I've done it before. And so we go.
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A much more relaxing day today, thank goodness. :^) I slept in, until the kids broke out the LEGOs at around 07:30 anyway, and then did breakfasts and stuff. Amy took them to shotokan while I took a morning nap, which worked ok -- I don't tend to be as tired in the morning, but I got another hour or so anyway, which was nice. Got up and showered, and then took Q to a playdate at a friend's house, a first for him! (Finally! We'd been trying to schedule one of these, first with one friend and then another, but things kept coming up, on each side.) We had left it vague whether I'd stick around or leave him there, but Q was like "bye dad!" and ran upstairs with his friend (A) the moment we got there, so I shrugged, chatted for a minute or two with the friend's parent, and headed out. :^) Got some finances type stuff done in the afternoon, while Junie had a couple of friends (twins C&S) over; then headed out to pick up Q, who had had a ton of fun, marred only by screaming and tears that he had to go. :^( I didn't do a great job of giving him an N-more-minutes countdown, and he'd lost track of time and was surprised and unhappy when suddenly it was no-really-we-have-to-go time; it's hard to be five. :^p But he calmed down, and we talked about how it's not so good to shout "I didn't have any fun at all!" when you have to leave someone's house before you're ready, and that sort of thing. I had asked if he wanted to go anywhere other than home on the way home, like a playground, and he'd said no, but on the way, he spotted an interesting looking structure out the window of the car, so we ended up stopping to play a bit at what turned out to be Wellington Elementary in Belmont. Their stuff was a little bigger than Hardy's, and more different in any case, so he had a good time running around on that for a while. Home, dinner, baths, and bed, and I stayed up later than I'd intended but not catastrophically so.
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So, Pokémon GO gym rehaul ruined the game for me. To save the rant: the game heavily shifted towards casual players, while screwing up the dedicated players. Serves me right, to get dependent on somebody else's framework. Good thing that I have a healthy variety of hobbies and other exciting activities to keep my life full. Oh, I forgot - I don't.

Venom aside, seeing how hard is it to keep me enthusiastic about anything, what was the exact combination of magical ingredients provided by PoGo? Maybe it can be reproduced elsewhere?

* Competitive but without explicit interaction/socializing. Ok, that's a lot of multiplayer games, MOOCS and other social sites. Such as Hogwarts (where I still didn't get around to completing my 2nd round of homework...)

* Focused on (non-strenuous) physical activity as opposed to intellectual. (I do enough thinking at work... it's refreshing to push my ass around, for a change!) Ok, that still leaves a lot of fitness apps and social networks.

* Doesn't take itself seriously - is a game, not gamification. It's not about counting kilometers, reps and calories, but about catching, raising and battling imaginary creatures. And that leaves... nothing?

Well, it was fun while it lasted. (I still tag along, but much more casually, and with very little satisfaction.) Is there, perhaps, another successful recipe? Not involving solo competition, physical activity and/or gaming, but involving something else that escapes me?
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"Ice cream is the perfect buffer, because you can do things in a somewhat lighthearted way. Plus, people have an emotional response to ice cream; it's more than just food. So I think when you combine caring, and eating wonderful food, it's a very powerful combination." -- Jerry Greenfield

[Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating! And unrelatedly, distant greetings to all my friends gathered in NYS for ice cream and camaraderie this weekend -- hoping next year I can manage to make it up there myself again, after too many years absence.]


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