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DW/LJ submitlet bookmark function

When LiveJournal introduced it's javascript-based submitlet function, it made my life easier, being a person who mostly posts current articles in news, science, and technology with a summary and the ocassional snarky comment if warranted. For those who may not know of what I speak, the submitlet script allows you to, when on a page the link for which you want to submit as a new post to LJ, automatically copy the page information and link as a new LJ post in a new window. When I came to DreamWidth I missed having this function so set about remedying the solution.

What I came up with still uses javascript from the LiveJournal site, but creates a new DreamWidth post. Create a new bookmark and use some appropriate descriptor (I use "Submit to Dreamwidth"). In the Location box, cut-and-paste the following:


As you can see, the script still calls LJ's bookmarklet.js function, but gets the job done. Ideally, I would like to have everything run either entirely locally or on a DW server, but this gets the job done in the meantime.
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Thank you! I haven't used the LJ one but I look forward to using this one.
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Cool, I didn't even know LJ had this option. I definitely plan to use this here at DW. Thanks!
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Oh, nice -- thanks!
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Awesome! I didn't know this existed at LJ, but I plan to use it now. Thanks for posting!
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I now have them sitting nicely next to each other on my Bookmarks Toolbar. :)
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That is entirely fabulous! Thanks so much!
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Ooh, neat! I was missing this a lot.
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Errrr maybe this is really dumb, and this is cool, but I'm missing something. When I copy the code, where do I paste it?
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Thanks so much for working on and posting this!

I fiddled around with my LJ bookmarklet trying to get it to work for me, but I didn't have the patience.

This one fits the bill nicely.
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Hi! I run [site community profile] dw_nifty and I think this would make a great post, if you'd like to post it over there. If not, would you mind if I used the material for a post?
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Thank you!
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